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CurrentDraw is a web app for collaborative electrical design (like Google Docs), featuring a components marketplace platform (like Alibaba) directly integrated with the app.

Design Share Collaboratively

Cloud-based and cross platform application.

Real-time collaborative design

Search Live Components

Electrical component search engine.

5M up-to-date components from over 1000 manufacturers around the world

Purchase Components

Marketplace for electrical components.

Price comparison

Demand and supply match.

What We Are

We work in some of the world’s toughest situations where we offer bold, practical and innovative solutions where there is real need. Our focus is on the next generation, current and future leaders and enhancing collaboration between faith communities.

Real-time collaborative electrical design application.

It allows everyone on the design team to work together and collaboratively on the same project anytime, anywhere by using a web browser, just like you do with google docs. Teams can make edits on the same design and have all changes synced instantly.

Full cloud electrical design platform.

CurrentDraw is the first electrical CAD system built for teams. Collaborate with your colleagues, suppliers, distributors and constructors in real time. Built-in version control improves the design effiency. Control access, work together simultaneously and branch designs – all from within CurrentDraw.

Marketplace for electrical design.

The easiest way to share your work. Simply send your design using a private URL or publicly embed the CurrentDraw editor on any page.

Over 5M electrical components information

CurrentDraw provides over 5M electrical components information, including the information of component technological data, component meta data, component manufacturers and suppliers around the world.

Up to date Electrical component info

CurrentDraw will provide up-to-date and complete electrical components info, and the data will be updated or synced soonest.

Price comparison

CurrentDraw provides the price of components from the different suppliers and the price comparison.

Marketplace for electrical components

CurrentDraw is a component marketplace, in which designers could purchase the components.


Our Testimonial

CurrentDraw has been extremely useful for schematic design. Our team has pioneered the use of CurrentDraw at Shanghai Electric Group and as a result of the value derived from our diagrams, many other teams are now using it to represent their ideas.

Mr Jiang | Director, Inofrmation Services
- Shanghai Electric Group

CurrentDraw is truly the "Swiss Army Knife" of collaborative Add-Ons. CurrentDraw's reliability and flawless collaborative functions improves the design efficiency and save us much time in the whole design cycle life.

Mr Wen | Electrical designer leader
- Fujian Electric Survey and Consult Institute

The most valuable difference with using CurrentDraw is that we can collaborate with world-class users. With its user-friendly UI and shallow learning curve, CurrentDraw is an excellent tool for electrical design.

Mary Mandis | Team Lead
- Eetarp Engineering

Before trying CurrentDraw, the main issue we faced was finding a way to work together on the design of PLCs while being viable within our financial limits. CurrentDraw solved all of these issues.

Sow Loh | Freelancer

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